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Website Builder: SiteKreator
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Pros: Large range of professional-grade designs with lots of customisation options; telephone support; great choice of galleries; newsletters and email marketing tools
Cons: blogs and forums functionality though functional, could do with an upgrade
Price: SiteKreator offers 3 packages: a $19.95 Standard package, a $39.95 Premium package that adds SiteKreator Pro and a $79.95 Deluxe package which includes a custom design. Free 14-day trials are available.
Ideal for: Small and Medium-sized businesses, non-profit organisations and designers.

Right off the bat, on its homepage, SiteKreator says it hosts over 100 000 business websites. With this statement, it clearly targets slightly more serious website owners.

The sign-up process for the free 14-day trial is slightly longer than it could be, mostly because we have to chose a design before we can continue. Having said that, SiteKreator does offer a huge choice of professional looking designs, with plenty of customisation options.

Design customisation, accessible from the Control Panel > Customize Design pull-down menu, is divided into 5 categories; Colors, Fonts (Main), Fonts (Titles), Site Background and Site Background Ornaments.

Most of these categories offer a range of preset configurations, as well as an option for further customisation. The two fonts customisation categories, for example, each have a Set Custom button that gives you full control over every aspect of the fonts used on your site.

An interesting customisation option is the Site Background Ornaments, which is actually a transparent .png overlay on top of the background. This lets you add shades in different figures (hence the name ornaments) with settings independent from the background image. As an example, the background image could be set to tile while the ornaments do not.

Beyond these customisation options, the Premium and Deluxe packages offer access to the SiteKreator Pro Style and Layout editors. These two editors let designers create websites from the ground up without touching a line of code.

Adding content on a page is done by selecting one the types of content from the Add Content pull-down menu on the top left and then clicking on any of the green areas that appear to indicate where content can be added.

SiteKreator has a number of standard types of content to chose from, including Text and Image, Image Gallery, File Area, Forums and Blogs, and Mailing List Forms, among others.

In addition to these, SiteKreator lets you add what it calls applications. Applications are what others might call widgets or applets; they let you add functionality to your site.

At the moment only a handful of applications are available but those released so far show that the platform does have potential. The company has even released an SDK that lets programmers develop their own applications.

Once added to the page, each content type shows a tiny blue icon in the top left corner of its content box whenever you mouse-over the element. The icon gives access to a menu that lets you edit the element’s content. We’ve found that some of these interfaces seem a bit quirky at first.

One of the most beautiful content types that SiteKreator offers, and we’ll look at this more in the video, is the Image Gallery. It offers a series of different gallery visualizations, with lush animations and lots of customisation options. You can even do animated captions!

Final words
Starting at $20 a month, SiteKreator may not be one of the cheapest among the website builders, but its designs and functionality ensure your site will look professional.

The SiteKreator Pro Style and Layout Editors potentially let designers shave weeks off of many bread-and-butter design jobs.

Some of the features, such as blogs and forums, are a bit rough around the edges.

SiteKreator is not exactly a tool for bloggers, but if you’re looking for a well-rounded set of features and good designs, SiteKreator might be a good fit for you.

If you use or have used SiteKreator, we would like to hear your experience in the comments below.

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