Small Business SEO Tip From Preation: Create More Pages

Small Business SEO: Create More Pages

Preation (makers of Eden Platform, see our review here) has been running a series of articles on website optimisation for some time now. Their latest installment, published today  talks about how much content to have on a page.

In short; create more pages that each focus on a single topic or keyword.

From the Preation blog:

I tell all of my Eden clients when entering content to abide by the “KISS” rule.  No, not the rock band, but the acronym that stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid”.  Search engine optimization is all about keeping the messaging on each unique page of your site clear, concise, and focused.  You cannot optimize one page on your site for the 18 keywords you’re targeting.  Instead, you should create 18 individual pages on your site and optimize each one for one keyword.

Doing so will make your site clearer and more accessible for your users, which in turn will help create more links to your site, it will help your pagerank and your organis search results.

Via: Small Business SEO Tip: Use as many pages as you can on your website – Preation blog

Photo: Dominic’s Pics – Flickr

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