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BaseKit Business Claims

In a blog post entitled Open for Business on October 26, London-based website builder BaseKit claimed it had “brought together all the elements a business is likely to need for their website.” A few sentences later, BaseKit added “You can quickly add in e-commerce functionality.”

Sounds great for a product whose claim-to-fame has been its Photoshop to hosted website conversion process.

The e-commerce functionality got us interested so we reached out to BaseKit and asked for more details.

Their reply via Twitter pointed to two entries in their online documentation about how to implement a Custom Widget and how to add e-commerce with FoxyCart.

FoxyCart is an e-commerce solution by US-based web design and marketing company the man can.  After registration, users can create a shopping cart, for which FoxyCart will then generate the HTML code. All that a user needs to do is copy the HTML code into her own website. And this is where BaseKit comes in.

BaseKit’s Custom Widget, is really not much more than what other hosted website builders call an HTML snippet; it lets you paste HTML code straight into your website.

The exact same thing can be done (and has been possible for quite some time) with just about any other hosted website builder!

While essentially BaseKit’s claim is not wrong — it does let you “quickly add in e-commerce functionality” — it does at least suggest a few things that aren’t true either.

The e-commerce is not provided by BaseKit (and BaseKit fails to make the referral in their original post), nor is the ability to embed HTML code anything unique to BaseKit. As pointed out; this same solution could be used with any number of  hosted website builder solutions.

With more and more website builders positioning themselves as ‘business solutions’, openness and interconnectivity play a vital role, but Basekit’s announcement does sound a bit like borrowed plumage.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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