Why Hosted Solutions Are Less Frustrating

I've had it with WordPress!

There is nothing more frustrating than when your hosting platform does not perform. And when you are doing your own hosting, there is of course no one else to blame when things don’t work. Or is there?

In a blogpost earlier today, LightCMS quoted “a customer who uses both LightCMS and WordPress” as saying “I’ve had it with WordPress.”

Below is the full post of what the customer had to say, according to LightCMS:

I recently launched a WordPress site, am currently producing another WordPress site, and am about to start building an approved design-out on WordPress. Keep in mind, I am a huge LightCMS user, and I have over fifteen clients and growing on Light’s platform. With these WordPress sites, I’ve had nothing but trouble. On the first WP site, we finished the build-out of a customized theme on their server, and WP’s database/server was causing the site to run extremely slow. So I ended up having to prove to the client it was their server and not our design by installing WP on another server and importing the theme. Of course it ran blazing fast. So now the client has had to go back to her hosting provider, and they have to do database testing, etc. On another WordPress site I recently launched, the day after launch the server went down, and the current customized theme we used has had countless errors, including not being able to upload another WordPress export file of posts. That’s bad news.

So I can safely say I’ve had it with WordPress.

Every issue I’ve had with LightCMS (all minor) has been handled by their support team and taken care of very promptly and professionally. I love being able to use one login to be able to access all of my clients’ sites and to help them out when they need it. We’ve never even had any server or downtime errors on any of our LightCMS websites. I build on this platform and urge my clients to as well as much as possible.

Forever LightCMS!

Brad Parnell
Bradley Benson Design

Although the LightCMS article points to BenParnell’s site, there appears to be no mention there of WordPress.
We’ve asked LightCMS for a link to the original post and are waiting for their reply.

Update: LightCMS got back to us with the following reply:

LightCMS Tweet

Meanwhile, Parnell’s frustrations do bring up a point that is worth mentioning.

It would appear that Parnell used a self-hosted version of WordPress. Comparing the frustration that the system administration work which comes with self-hosted Content Management Systems (CMS) brings with it, to a hosted solution is not a fair comparison and does not say really much about the particular hosted solution.

Why pick a hosted solution over a self-hosted solution?

With self-hosted solutions, you are in control and in charge of all the system administration, maintenance and updating that is necessary for your CMS to work optimally.
This offers a great deal of flexibility, but adds extra work. On top of that, depending on your hosting provider, you’re unlikely to be the only website using that server. Which means there is a lot that can influence the performance of your website that you do not have control over.

With hosted solutions, on the other hand, all of that is the responsibility of the solution provider — in this case LightCMS.

The system administration work for hosted solution providers much easier than that of a typical hosting provider. A hosted solution provider typically has full control over the servers on which their product runs, which allows the provider to make sure that all of their sites run optimally. At least in theory.

So from where we stand, the issue in LightCMS’ post is not so much about the advantages of their system over WordPress, but about hosted solutions vs. self-hosted in general.

Via: “I’ve had it with WordPress! Forever LightCMS!” – LightCMS blog

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