Microsoft Live Users Told to Use HTML Snippets to Embed Their WordPress – Yikes!

Microsoft and WordPress Announce Partnership Deal

Microsoft Director of Product Management for Windows Live Dharmesh Mehta, right, and Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic, left, together on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010.

When Microsoft proudly announced the move of millions of its bloggers to the platform, there was not a word on how this was actually going to work. How were these blogs going to be integrated with Microsoft Live websites?

In a blogpost published today, Microsoft tries to explain to its Office Live Small Business (OLSB) customers what the move means and how OLSB users can embed their new WordPress blogs into their existing websites.

This is how Microsoft explains the process:

Once you migrate your blog to WordPress, you can use an iframe tag (using the HTML module) to display this on your Office Live Small Business website. We’ve written a helpful article to assist you in doing this.  At this time, we do not offer a WordPress specific module, so the HTML module and iframe tag are the only way to display your WordPress blog.

The article that Microsoft links to outlines a 7-step process to achieve this.

So basically Microsoft provides a way to export your existing Microsoft Live Spaces blog to WordPress, but from there on, you’re on your own The only way to get your blog to integrate with your OLSB website is an HTML snippet, the same level of integration that any other 3rd party would get.

What do you think? Should Microsoft have at least provided an easier way to integrate your WordPress blog into your OLSB site? Let us know in the comments.

Via: Windows Live Spaces and WordPress – Microsoft Office Live blog

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