SiteKreator Adds Nifty Page Image Slideshow

Just before the weekend, SiteKreator (affiliate link, see our review here) added a new Page Image Slideshow feature.

With the new feature, fancy slideshows with animated caption text on top of the slides for the header image of pages are just a few clicks away.

From the SiteKreator announcement:

When you select the Image Slideshow, you can upload individual images to act as slides. You can add a virtually endless number of images, and the order can be changed by dragging and dropping the image icons.

For each slide, you can set a link and add a caption that can be animated. Captions can be freely positioned on top of the image by clicking and dragging.

For the entire Slideshow, you can set transition and navigation preferences. For those of you who want even further control, enabling Advanced Settings will let you set slide duration, as well as change the height of the Page Image Slideshow.

Via: SiteKreator Releases Page Image Slideshow – SiteKreator blog

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