SEO for SMBs in 4 Easy Steps

SEO for SMBs Made Easy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often considered a black art, involving secret incantations by high priests. In reality, much of SEO is fairly straight forward and not all that hard to implement.

After the launch of its new Page Options Panels, SiteKreator (affiate link, see our review here) posted a 4 step SEO manual for small businesses. Although the manual refers to and makes use of the new SiteKreator feature, the general practice can also be applied with other website builders.

1. Page address

Make sure that pages have easy to remember addresses (URLs) which include the most important keywords for your site.

A URL is part of the address where your visitors will find your page online and should say something about the content of the page.
Give pages a meaningful address so your visitors will have an idea of what the content on the page is when they see the address.

2. Page title

One of the most important things in search engine optimization is the page title.The page title is used as the title for results on search results pages by Google and other search engines.
This is probably the first text that users will see about your site and often the only thing a user looks at before deciding whether to click the link and visit your site or not. Use it to make an impression, be bold, post a call to action, whatever fits the topic of your site.
When referring to your product or services, try to use words that your customers would use. Don’t use jargon or specialized terminology.

3. Page Keywords

Though keywords have become less important in recent years than they used to be, adding Page Keywords that describe your product or service can still help search engines help your customers find your pages.
As always; use words that your customers would use, avoid using jargon or specialized terminology.

4. Page description

The text you enter here is what search engines use on the search result page, immediately underneath your page title. It is what Google calls a “snippet”. This text should provide a brief description of the page content, but also is an opportunity for you to draw potential clients to your site.

Via: 4 Easy Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Right Now – SiteKreator blog

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