WordPress.com Moves Further Into Twitter Territory With SMS Blog Updates

WordPress SMS Update

Hosted sitebuilder WordPress.com today announced new free and paid upgrades to its SMS blog update services.

Note that all of this is currently available in the USA only.

WordPress users can now receive instant SMS updates when users are added or removed, the blog’s theme or its privacy settings change.

A $20 a year upgrade allows you to protect your blog by setting up a two-step login process, in which a text message will be sent to your phone upon login with a passcode that has to be entered in order to access your Dashboard.

Other features included in the paid upgrade include notification of new comments, reply to and moderate comments with a simple text reply, receive notification when a post is published on your blog and, as the WordPress announces calls it “post something short and sweet right away” by sending a text message.

As Mashable pointed out in its reporting, WordPress’s app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones already offers the same features, plus the ability to post photos and videos.

Via: Texting: It’s Now For Blogging, Too – WordPress blog

Leaving aside the length limitation on text messages, how useful do you find being able to post blog posts via SMS? Isn’t that what we had Twitter for? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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