BaseKit Announces Speed Increase, New Features

Maple - Photo: Bosela/Morguefile

Basekit announced its Maple release on November 3, 2010.

The new release includes speed improvements, the ability to create 301-redirects, more Instant Themes and a chat option for support.

From the BaseKit announcement:

Speed Enhancements

With our move to support jQuery natively in BaseKit during Plastic, we wanted to use as much of this popular library as possible throughout the BaseKit application. We’ve completed that revamp, but also a quick tune up to really speed up the editor loading time. We’ve clocked a 93% decrease in load time on some of the major sites on BaseKit (such as itself).

301 Redirects

You asked and we delivered! Power users savvy to maximizing their SEO potential have sent requests for the ability to deploy 301/302 redirects on their site to capture moved or updated content without sacrificing their search engine rankings. If you need to move a page on your site to a new URL, now set a 301 redirect for the old URL and your visitors will be automatically redirected.

More Instant Themes

Instant Themes were first released in our Plastic release, and many of you have been snapping them up. Instant Themes are just like normal BaseKit themes, except they include a quick little wizard to help you get your site configured quickly. Give us your name, contact info, name of your business or site, and premade widgets will add your info to every page. You can have your site up and running in minutes.

Want to update your information? Just edit one of the Profile widgets on the site and you’ll be able to update it everywhere. Add new Profile widgets to your site to keep your new pages in sync.

Designer Profiles

Our BaseKit design team are the ones who work continuously to bring you the latest and greatest in BaseKit themes. Now you can learn more about them! Visit our theme selector from the BaseKit dashboard (go create a website) and you’ll find a link next to the names of each of the designers. Even better, click through to see their profiles, and if you like their work, drop a request to see if they’re available to design your site.


Olark is a direct chat tool that we’ve added to our BaseKit editor. When our support team is logged in, you’ll be able to reach out directly to them for help! Just log into your BaseKit website and look in the corner for the chat tab. If you don’t see it, it unfortunately means we’re probably asleep – but you can always find more help at our support site at

The Maple release really lays the foundation for some big changes to BaseKit coming in the next few sprints. In the short term, keep your eyes open for a fun announcement for our business site clients! As always, if you have any feedback, find us through any of our community or support channels to get us your feedback – we’re always listening.

Via: Update- Maple Release is Live! – BaseKit blog
Photo: Bosela / Morguefile

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