SnapPages Updates

SnapPages New Web Blocks
Flash-based website builder SnapPages (see our review here) released a number of updates to its Pages App this week, including new Web Blocks.

In a blog post on November 17, SnapPages announces:

New Google Blocks
Site Search – With the new site search block you can add a Google Custom Search box to any of your pages to allow visitors to easily seach your website.

Google Translate – This block allows you to add a Google Translate box on any of your pages that will automatically translate the text on that page into a different language. Awesome.

New Facebook Blocks
Like Button – You can now put those Facebook Like buttons that you see all over the place anywhere on your website. This is a great way for visitors to share your content with friends over Facebook. By default it will “like” whatever page the button is on, but you can even set it to a different URL like your own Facebook Page if you want.

Like Box – If you have a Facebook page setup for your company or organization, you can use this block to display information about it. This will show a stream of all your Facebook Page updates as well as who else has already become a fan of your page.

Along with the new features, SnapPages also underwent interface updates.
“You might ask “What was wrong with the way it looked before?”. Good question. Nothing really, but I’m obsessed with UI design and I’m always looking for ways to make it better so that’s why I did it. Hope you enjoy it,” SnapPages’ Steve Testone said.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the updates.

Via: New Web Blocks And More! – SnapPages blog

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