Business Catalyst’s Mail Hell

Business Catalyst Mail Problems

Business Catalyst (BC) users have over the past week been plagued by a series of outages and other problems with their email delivery. The problems, according to Adobe-owned BC, has been caused by third-party mail server software MailEnable the company has used so far.

The latest incident happend on January 19, when BC users with hosted email were intermittently unable to use the IMAP service for MailEnable accounts.

After the incident, BC posted an announcement on their blog saying they would speed up the migration process from MailEnable to OpenSRS.

Originally scheduled to complete by late February, the migration should now be completed “some time before the end of January,” according to the BC blog post.

Business Catalyst did not say how many users had been affected by the problems.

Via: Expediting Mail Migration from MailEnable to OpenSRS – Business Catalyst Blog

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