How To Find a Domain Name For Your Business Website

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The online equivalent of the old sales adagio of “Location, Location, Location” would probably “Domain Name, Domain Name, Domain Name” and yet many companies are stumped when they are asked to pick one. What is it? Do I need it?

In short, a domain name is the address under which your clients will be able to find you. Without an address, they have no way to get to you and (hopefully) buy from you.

So how do I get one, is what most business owners then ask themselves, with which they miss the best part of domain names: you get to pick your own! Domain names are not thought up by some committee, but are thought up by their owner.

There aren’t any really hard rules as to what your domain name should be, but the blog posted a handy overview of the most important things to consider. The upside: it’s all pretty common sense, really!

The advise on picking a good domain name can be summed up as:

  • preferably the domain name should be the same as the company name
  • make sure it is descriptive of the company
  • shorter is better
  • have only one possible spelling or interpretation
  • think about alternative extensions like .net, .org, but also local extensions like

The article ends with some advise on what to do if the domain name you wanted is already taken:

If the domain name you want is already taken, all is not lost. While you can opt to simply choose another one, you can also negotiate with the current owner of your desired web address and, if they are amenable, buy it from them. The first step is running a WHOIS search on the domain you are considering. In most cases, this will reveal the owner of the domain name (or at least who registered it.) Sometimes, the WHOIS file will contain false or hidden information.
So long as you can track down the owner, however, there is hope of persuading them to turn over their domain name to you. Just be prepared to pay market value, especially if the owner knows about your business and is aware of why you want their domain so badly.

Via: Starting a Business: How To Find a Memorable Domain Name – blog

Photo: Ricky Montalvo / Flickr

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