Moonfruit Aborts Update

Panic Button - Star5112

Moonfruit aborted a software update and was forced to reverse to a previous version of the software.

According to a post on the Moonfruit blog, an update was in progress on the afternoon of January 15, when serious performances issues were found that had reportedly not shown up in testing. A decision was then taken to revert to the previous version of the Moonfruit software and to investigate the cause of the issues, Moonfruit said.

The Moonfruit announcement is remarkable in an industry where releases are often incremental. When problems do occur, only the last change has to be reverted, avoiding – as appears to have been the case with Moonfruit – having to revert to a previous version of the software.

According to Moonfruit “the system is once again stable.” No new date for the upgrade has been announced.

Via: Release issue – 15:45 GMT 17 Jan 2011 – Moonfruit Blog
Image: Panic Button – Star5112 / Flickr

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