SiteKreator Eases Multi-Language Site Management

SiteKreator Multi-Language application

Multi-lingual sites have generally been a pain to set up and maintain. Apart from having to deal with keeping page copy in sync, there is the additional headache of keeping links between pages in the different languages linked. There is nothing more frustrating for a user to be sent back to a site’s homepage just because you switched to a different language.

Only a few website builders provide tools to aid in these tasks. That list has now been expanded with one more entry. On January 11, SiteKreator (affiliate link, see our review here) announced the release of its Language Selector application.

Built on SiteKreator’s own application platform, the new tools lets website owners set up and manage up to 6 additional languages for their site, all from a single window interface.

Different language versions of a site can be hosted either on different domains or on sub-domains of a single domain. Website administrators can define what languages are offered and link individual pages in the different languages. This allows them to have different (SEO optimised) URLs for each of pages in all languages.

We expect these features to make a lot of sense for business owners in multi-lingual areas or serving multi-lingual communities. Let us know in the comments below what you think of multi-lingual support for sitebuilders.

Via: Does Your Site Speak More Than One Language? – SiteKreator blog

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