Yola Previews Update

Yola Update Preview

Yola today provided a sneak preview of upcoming changes to its site builder interfaces. The changes were said to be extensive and could give existing users “the feeling someone has gone and moved the furniture around.”

From what Yola shared, it seems the biggest change is the disappearance of the properties panel. You can see the current properties panel in action in our review video.

According to Yola, “many people didn’t understand how to use the Properties sidebar.”

In Yola’s new site builder, the functionality that used to be in the Properties sidebar has now moved to the pulldown menus Site Properties and Page Properties, or the Edit link found on individual widgets.

The Page Properties menu is where you’ll be able to edit page heading and add window title, keywords and description. The Site Properties menu contains functions to edit the site name, select a language, add a favicon, edit site CSS and insert a site-wide tracking code.

Yola did not announce a date for when the changes are expected to be released.

Via: Sitebuilder Upgrade: Coming Soon! – Yola blog

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