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Moonfruit today announced the successful launch of its update that failed earlier this year. Back then, the company had to abort a new feature release because of “serious performances issues.”

Today’s release is a crucial one as it includes fundamental changes to the core of Moonfruit that are needed to support new and upcoming features, Moonfruit said on its blog.

New features launched today include support for Mobile HTML, shapes and background options.

Mobile HTML
As of today, Moonfruit websites are delivered in three versions. A Flash-based version for desktop computers with Adobe Flash installed, an HTML version for desktop computers without Flash installed and a Mobile HTML that is optimized for smaller screens.

From the Moonfruit announcement:

The mobile optimised version is a single column render of your site in HTML. This allows the content to be displayed as a long vertical list which is easier to read and the user can scroll down through the objects on the page. The site navigation is done by a roll out menu, so the majority of the screen space is dedicated to your content.

Moonfruit Mobile HTML

Moonfruit’s new Shapes Widgets allow users to apply effects, fills and gradients to different shape objects used in customising the basic design of a Moonfruit site.

The company says the functionality will be added to other objects in coming months, including text boxes, images and the blog.

No Background Option
Lastly, the new update will allow users to switch off the Flash background and have the HTML background show through.

This allows you to achieve the ‘full screen image’ or ‘chunky header/footer’ styles that are common in the new contemporary web look and feel.

Moonfruit says the next updates will include new Blog and later e-commerce features.

Via: Let’s try that again – New release 2nd Feb 2011!! – Moonfruit blog

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