Study Shows Direct Correlation Between Online Engagement and Small Business Success

SiteKreator Small Business Study

A study published earlier today by website builder SiteKreator (affiliate link) shows there is a direct correlation between small business success and their online engagement.

The study data is based on SiteKreator’s analysis of aggregate usage trends of 100 000 active accounts in 2010 broken down into the following small business sectors: consulting, services, arts, nonprofits, technology, automotive, and retail.

That business owners need to keep their websites updated in order to continue to build traffic (and, ultimately, their business) is generally well understood. SiteKreator’s figures, however, show that it doesn’t even take that much effort to see a significant increase in traffic. According to the study, business websites that were updated as little as 5 times a month, saw traffic increases of up to 300 percent.

Website owners who actively engaged on social networks like Facebook and Twitter were said to see 400% more traffic than those who used paid search.

You can read the full report online here.

Via: Analysis of 100,000 Small Business Websites Uncovers Critical Challenge – PRWeb

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