Drupal Gardens Surpasses 40 000 Sites, Readies For Beta Exit

Drupal Gardens Pricing

On the eve of the release of its long-awaited 1.0 milestone, hosted site builder solution Drupal Gardens announced that more than 40 000 sites had been built with the service.

In a blog post yesterday, Thomas Erickson, CEO of open source Drupal-owner Acquia, said that “reaching 40,000 blew away my expectations for the number of beta sites.”

Today, on March 2, Drupal Gardens is expected to officially announce the end of its Beta stage. As of that day, Drupal Gardens users can chose form a number of subscription plans, starting at $11,95 a month or $99 a year, though the company will continue to offer a free Starter plan as well. Plans are limited on number of users, available bandwidth and disk space, among others.

In an email to existing users, Acquia said that by the end of the month, all sites created before March 2 that had not been upgraded to a paid subscription, would be converted to the free Starter plan.

Via: Drupal Gardens Surpasses 40,000 Sites – Acquia blog





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