How Do You Share Your Business Documents?


There are many services that let us share business documents with a team or publicly with anyone who visits our site. Hosted website builder today announced a new feature called Documents.

Document [...] gives you a convenient way to share documents with your site visitors. This App is ideal for businesses, organizations, and groups that have a mass audience and information to distribute.

Webs offers some basic file-organisation features, such as categories, file descriptions, and automatically generated icons based on the file type.

But Webs is by no means the first hosted website builder to offer such a feature. SiteKreator, for example, has a feature known as File Areas that lets site owners share documents in downloadable format with users, either publicly or behind a login and password. Many other providers offer similar features.

And then some users prefer the convenience that third party solution providers bring, such as and Google Docs. And then there’s always the good old text link to the actual file.

Do you share documents on your website and if so, what do you use? We’d love to hear your opinion. Let us know in the comments.


Image: ppdigital / Morguefile

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