SnapPages Updates Link Editor

SnapPages Link Editor Update

The SnapPages website builder today announced a relatively minor, though potentially useful update to its link editor interface.

Until now, when you’d wanted to add a link to your site in SnapPages, you could either enter an external link address manually or select one of the pages of your site from a popup menu. This works fine for sites with only a few pages, but quickly gets a nuisance as sites grow. With today’s update, SnapPages has replaced the popup menu with a searchable list.

From the SnapPages announcement:

We’ve streamlined the process so that now it’s easier then ever to enter a link. You can still manually enter a URL but now instead of a drop-down menu, your pages are displayed in a list below the link form. This list is much easier to scroll through then the previous version and the best part is that it’s searchable. So if you know the page you want to link to you can just search for it and the list will narrow down to show you only pages that match your search.

If you are a SnapPages user, we’d like to hear your thoughts. Does this interface change work for you?
Tell us in the comments below.

Via: Improved Link Creation – SnapPages blog

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