Weebly Updates Pages Management, Gallery Image Link

Weebly Pages Management Update

Yesterday, Y-Combinator alumni Weebly (affiliate link) released an update for its Pages Management and added the ability to create links for image slideshows.

A new feature, though minor, is the ability to add links to images in a slideshow on Weebly. Large-format slideshows have become pretty much the standard in business website homepage design. The new functionality, lets Weebly users create slideshows that link through to other pages on the site.

The Pages Management update is mostly an interface update. The old update tended to get cluttered with sites that had large numbers of pages. The new interface, Weebly promises, “it’s a lot easier to manage a long list of pages, quickly see which pages are hidden or password protected, and set a link to an external site.”

In it’s announcement, Weebly hints at more new functionality being underway, but no further specifics were given.

Via: Updated Pages Interface and Slideshow Image Links – Weebly blog

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