Mini-Review: Appointment Scheduling With SiteKreator

SiteKreator Appointment Scheduler

Many website builders claim their target audience are small business owners. This makes sense from a marketing point of view; SMBs form a large-enough market that is also willing and able to pay for a decent hosted sitebuilder service. But if we compare the feature-set of most services, it is sometimes hard to see what is offered specifically for small businesses beyond basic sitebuilder functionality and the occasional e-shop or shopping cart.

Some services make up for this lack of integrated advanced business features by teaming up with third-party services. The downside is that this in many cases adds yet another monthly bill to the costs of running a business website, costs that can far outstrip the hosting costs.

On March 5, SiteKreator (affiliate link) upped the ante by releasing its fully integrated Appointment Scheduler application. The features squarely competes with third-party solutions like GenBook (prices start at $19.95 a month) or Appointment Plus (prices start at $39 a month).

Adding the application to our SiteKreator website and configuring it is a breeze. The configuration screen by default has two tabs. The General tab is where we configure what our online booking button looks like (we can even upload our own custom design button), our opening hours and whether or not appointments require confirmation.

SiteKreator Appointment Scheduler configuration

The second tab is where we configure what services we offer. We can set durations and price for each service we offer. Though this may seem a bit bare-bones, this already offers all the flexibility most sole proprietors would need without any of the configuration complexity. Switching to Advanced settings lets us specify multiple staff members and assign those members to specific services, as well as dates that our business is closed among others.

The management panel offers two views; a dashboard with upcoming appointments and pending requests, and a calendar view where we can add, edit and remove appointments and requests.

SiteKreator Appointment Scheduler Dashboard view

All in all, the new Appointment Scheduler feature offers pretty advanced features that should cover the appointment scheduling needs of most small businesses. Businesses that already have an offline scheduling system might find it a problem that SiteKreator’s Appointment Scheduler does not (yet) integrate with any outside systems.

For businesses that are looking to get started with online appointment scheduling, this is a very attractive solution. Especially if we consider that it is included for free with SiteKreator’s current packages, which start at $20 a month.

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