WordPress.com Offers New Home to Splinder Clients


When Italian hosted blog service Splinder.com announced in a November blog post that it was closing down its free service, about half a million blogs risked disappearing with it. Only a few weeks later, a special team had been set up at the Internet Archive to copy as many of the estimated 55 million pages hosted on Splinder.com as possible.

But this still left active bloggers on the service with the question of where to move their blogs.

On January 9 2012, WordPress.com announced that it had made available a Splinder Importer. The announcement contains a step-by-step guide to how to move from Splinder.com to WordPress.com. WordPress supports importing in a number of formats, but the Splinder format is new.

Competition in the free hosted blogging market, which is dominated by juggernauts like WordPress.com and Blogger, is fierce. The demise of Splinder.com is not a surprise, as the service’s traffic had been in decline for quite some time. But it does, once again, highlight the question of what happens to your blog when your free service shuts down.

We’d love to hear from Splinder bloggers who have moved to WordPress how the two platforms compare.

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