Updates Form Error Messages, HTML Snippets and Link Interface at SiteKreator

SiteKreator Form Error Message

SiteKreator rolled out a number of updates this week. Early in the week, they announced improved Form error messages and a new named HTML Snippet feature, followed later in the week by a Link Interface update.

Form error messages have two goals; they need to communicate instantly whether the user has successfully submitted the form or, if there was a problem with one the fields, which field this was and what the user is expected to do next. SiteKreator’s updated Form error messages aim to address these two issues.
In addition, users can now customize the position of the error message within the form.

HTML Snippets are a great way to extend the possibilities of hosted sitebuilders, but power users often find themselves rummaging through a pile of snippets in order to find that one snippet they need to edit. SiteKreator now lets you name your HTML snippets, making it super easy to find the right snippet without having to open them one-by-one.

On Thursday, SiteKreator announced an updated Link interface. Most significant in the update are the {image lightbox} link, which lets you make an image clickable so it opens in a lightbox, and some of the advanced settings, including nofollow (important for SEO) and whether or not the link should open in a tab or browser window.

You can read the full update, with a copious amount of screenshots, on the SiteKreator blog.

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